Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Being in Poland again, life flies really fast but pleasant, too! I also managed to visit my lovely cousin in Lubeck, Germany. The visit was full of talks, laughs and relax- to put it in a nutshell- it was great and im really happy to have such a contact with her. yesterday she also came for a few days to poland so we managed to see each other again. this time, i finally managed to see her twin sister and their girlfriends which was so funny, cause i knew them from stories i had been told but i had never met them in real. yesterday we had a chance to finally connect each story to each face ;)
anyways, the sun is shining, summer in poland is surprisingly optimistic! im filled with positive energy (finally!!). tonight im going to bachelorette party, im excited and anxious how it goes, cause i have no idea how it is supposed to be.
anyways, im back on track mentally, psychologically and stuff, so that's all what matters :)
im thinking of writing some articles or feuilleton but i guess i need to get some inspiration :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice quote, again :)

"Zaufanie to krucha rzecz. Raz zdobyta pozwala korzystać z ogromnej swobody, ale utracona jest nie do odzyskania. Niestety nigdy nie wiemy komu można zaufać, bliscy potrafią zdradzić, a zupełnie obcy przyjść z pomocą. Większość ludzi woli ufać wyłącznie sobie, to najlepszy sposób żeby się nie sparzyć."