Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 weeks in Delhi!

Yes- by this weekend i will have been in India for four weeks already...

any reflections from my side? well... research in a developing country/in delhi has been a spectrum of all possible emotions: frustration, excitement from challenges, annoyance, anger, sympathy, inspiration and many more! Although commuting there is a tiring experience, relying on the translator- also another barrier, the heat and killing sun- another one; yesterday i realised that i love it! after interviewing another group of those women who are collecting water and what kind of even basic problems they are struggling with, asking me to come again here next time and solve the other problems of their lives....- i felt another mission! :) but nooo... i wont be going to india again soon.. although i would love to work those problems out and push the municipalities to move their bureaucrat asses! :)

Anyways, although im getting headache every evening in here, im loving this experience... the food... the heat- everything is so ambiguous anyways!

I am done with so called Phase I- interviewing all the blocks and mapping the water supply points. Next Phase is social mapping where community club members helped me map all the available borewells households have. Last one- interview all other actors involved in the issue of water supply- NGOs and the Delhi Water Board- that one will be exciting and interesting to hear! :)

Have a look at some pictures and enjoy! :)

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