Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The implications of inadequate water supply on the livelihood of people living in Savda Ghevra, Delhi

Yeah... this should be my final topic of my thesis.... im just about to finish the last chapter in the draft version... so much pain and suffering... hopefully would be correlated with so much satisfaction and relief afterwards :)Brain is no longer able to distinguish letters and make sense out of sentences... Now it's time to review the entire content to check if every piece makes sense and the combination of chapters make sense in a coherent way. 9 pages of bibliography list has definitely impacted my brain cells and their condition. The ability to read anything else is highly questionable now. I guess, now i need to refresh my head and listen to some music and read some gutter press to contrast the level of intellect engagement. Or maybe just play some online games to remain a loyal and devoted employee?:)

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