Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being encourgaed by my mum to continua writing- here we go! 
3rd part:
Dostawszy pokoj z klimatyzacja, osobna czysta lazienka i tv, wzielam dluuuugi prysznic i ogladalam CSI do pozna w nocy- w koncu musialam sie umyc “na zapas” bo nie wiadomo jakie komforty na mnie czekaly dalej  Rano pelna pozytywnej energii wstalam przed 8 (alez z siebie bylam dumna!) i zdecydowałam ze pojde piechota na dworze autobusowy. Co prawda mogłam wziąć autobus, ale stwierdziłam ze poranny spacerek z plecakiem na ramieniu dobrze mi zrobi. Wiec po 30 minutach spacerku udalo się i kupiłam szybko bilecik do Tanah Rata i się okazalo ze musiałam czekac 1,5 godziny, wiec się rozsiadlam na laweczce i zaczelam czytac, zjadlam po drodze Pau z kaya (dzemem kokosowym) i nie zdążyłam otworzyc ksiazki to do mnie ktos się przysiadl i zaczęłam rozmawiac z Hindusem  w koncu minal ten czas i wsiadlam do lokalnego autobusu (tylko za 9 zl, wiec czego by się tu spodziewac), z troche obdartymi siedzeniami, ale wazne ze było siedzenie i wazne ze nie były tak zaplute okna, bo wiedziałam ze będą piekne widoki mnie czekaly (patrz: mój album)!
I got to Tanah Rata At around 2pm and i went directly to check in the guest house: “Father’s guest house”- 10RM (8zl) for a bed in a dorm- what would I need more? I was so happy! It reminded me a bit of Alaska, the place in Poland where I used to go for a few days in a year just to chill and find peace and mental balance (including getting completely drunk!) I was thinking how to plan my stay there, cause I kind of wanted to go hiking but since I was alone there (Kumar was supposed to join me but we couldn’t synchronise etc so he was about to join me one day later already in Kuala Lumpur) and probably it wouldn’t be wise at all to go to the mountains on my own, so I just stayed in this small village which was packed with tourists and was wandering around in the vicinity trying to capture some nice views. I hope you will enjoy them. Then I decide to check up on the scooters (yea, I want more!) but somehow I didn’t do that (later on I regretted that) and I just rented a taxi (yea yea, stupid me) for around one hour and I told him where to drive me: I saw some temples in the neighbourhood, then Orang Asli village- Orang Asli is the aboriginal indigineous tribe in Malaysia, but the part I was in, wasn’t that “indigenous” but still I got a gist of it, at least, and later in KL I went to the museum to learn more about them, look it up too:
So anyways, i just chilled out in Cameron Highlands, different mountainous air, a bit chillier etc. there were many young travelers, too. But I kind of was shy just to approach them and introduce myself. However, when I was about to fall asleep a girl next to me stated to speak Polish to me! I was so shocked! She told me she found it out in the registry so that she took a bed next to me. We had a great short conversation about her- she’s been travelling alone already for half a year or more, been working in an orphanage in Nepal, then india etc, now heading for Thailand, Vietnam etc. Amazing! Another inspiration for me… ;)
In the morning I still had some time to kill so I wandered around, did some Sudoku and once in the guesthouse one guy approached me and asked if I wanted to play scrabble with him. Although I’ve never played that in English, I decided to give it a try. While playing, I got to know this interesting American guy, who has been travelling for 3 years already and is planning to do that for at least another 3! AMAZING!!!!! He’s been working here and there just to earn and save up money for other travels, so he would work in NZ and Australia as a driver, dishwasher, postman, waiter etc just to live! That’s is so great and everything on his own. Imagine how much experience with local people, culture he has had! Moreover, now he’s doing an online English course so that he can become an English teacher in Taiwan- intending to spend there one year so that he can save up a lot of money to keep travelling for 2 years or so. Oh man! You see, people keep worrying about money, job, accumulating capital etc, but since you don’t owe that much, you are so free and so rich of other stuff that is so precious and invaluable: experience, other people, other mentality, food, memories, pictures, inspirations from others and you don’t have to be rich to travel! That’s what I keep learning and keep reassuring myself whenever I meet those backpackers. You don’t need to plan everything and stupid worries and plans are just another stupid obstacle that hinders your deep dreams and desires (here: travelling). You don’t need to have comfort and great expensive food. It all turns out to be fine in the end, no matter whether you are penniless or well off. Another thing what I’ve learnt here is that respect to another people is so essential! Additionally, a smile can do wonders and break ice so easily even if we cannot communicate in the same language. Being in a different country, some western people feel so superior and disrespectful to the locals, treating them as a garbage and feeling that they are kings or whatsoever. I honestly don’t get it and hate it. Why would you feel that way? Is it because you come to this country and it’s much cheaper back home so finally with your mediocre income you can show off with girls and get expensive drinks and hotels? And why would you eat where the locals eat- you are not on the same level to mix with them? Or moaning and complaining that everywhere is so dirty and bleeee? Oh man… this thing really upsets me.. cause then these people go back home, talk bullshit about these beautiful countries and boast that they are so international to travel to Asia… pfff… it makes me puke…

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