Monday, February 1, 2010

"Deep thoughts" ;)

Hello everyone!
I've been thinking that it's time for some writing among all the pics posted ;)
Firstly, I went to Hawker's called Newton, this time. Having been renovated, it's regarded as one of the must see spots,cause it's clean and really pleasant to sit and eat. Personally, I don't mind Asian "standards" so for me it could be alright without the renovation, too :). Well, there were quite a few of us, around 15 ppl or so. I ordered Pad Thai, as you will see in one of the pictures. Others took other dishes so we ended up eating and trying everything. I managed to try most of the non-meat stuff including stringray (plaszczka!!), different types of Asian desserts etc. I couldn't move afterwards, literally! and then almost 1hr way to get back home... and then i dont know how and why, but i got such a fever (probably all the temp differences, A/C etc) and I had to sleep under the blanket and a sweater and then i was alright (neither cold nor hot). In the morning, I promised my friend (whom I've recently met, a local!) that he will be my guide to Thaipusam festival - Indian festival of masochism where people pierce themselves. The meaning of it varies among individuals: some of them do that to ask gods for some stuff such as prosperity, health, children, marriage etc and some of them do that as an act of thankfulness. Well, he wasnt able to explain to me why they are doing it particularly in this way but it didn't matter at that point. What mattered (apart from my leftovers of the fever and headache) was INDIAN atmosphere! I could really recall my trip to India a few years ago... Just the cleaner version (surprisingly or not, I preferred the local less cleaner one:D). As you could see, the colours, beautiful saris, women, the music etc- oh man, really, it whetted my appetite not to forget that i wanted to go there again which i will definitely! :)
That's how my Saturday was. Today, Mon, I was supposed to meet with Amelia but it didnt work out (no worries, Amelia, I still like you and we will see each other tomorrow!:) ) since we were supposed to go to Chinese Gardens and Jurong Bird Park. On my own and with such a heat I could only walk through Chinese Garden.. Fortunately or not, I forgot to take my videocam with me so that was a good excuse not to go to Bird Park alone, cause I guess I must get some films so that you guys will hear and see beautiful and stunning birds!:) Chinese Gardens were great anyways, quite a lot of walking but it was worth that.. so much green, bonsai trees, I saw a funny jumping squirrel etc, it is a perfect venue for romantic strolls... (eh... no comments:D)
alright, that's it for the reports ;)

As some of you may know already, I've decided to skip some classes and explore part of Malaysia. I'm flying on Sat 6th Feb to Penang (a small island on the north) and I give myself 7/8 days to come back to singapore. On the way I'm gonna see Taiping, Ipoh (from there I'mgonna hike on Cameron Highlands, see tea plantation, butterfly farms. Then I am gonna go to Kuala Lumpur (sth on the way is to see but i forgot, you will find out with the pics next week:D ), Malacca and Johor Bahru. Then bus schedules will verify when I am gonna be back to Singapore since it's gonna be within Chinese New Year and some ppl are really serious about that and It is a huge public holiday for them, but whatever- this is a motto of the backpacker, time and circumstance will tell and that's it what matters.

I'm gonna try couchsurfing to be hosted by locals, hopefully i will manage to do that in some places- it would be really cool again (India was great for couch surfing- it really gave me priceless memories and experiences)- anyways, I cannot wait!

Hmmm, I just realised that I named this post "deep thoughts" cause i wanted to talk about the essence of travelling for me and the attitude of others in terms of that such as some people think that weekend in Vietnam will enable them to say that they've been to Vietnam and stuff like that or being in Bangkok already allows you to say that you've seen Thailand etc,which i definitely don't associate with, but i ended up summarising my few days from here, but i guess you don't mind and you are so happy to read anything from me so that the content doesn't really matter, does it??? :)))
anyways, im gonna go back to this travelling issue and shallow/narrow stereotypes next time if i get inspiration.
ciaaaao for now and enjoy the pics!!

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  1. yeah, content does not matter...
    just the pictures. i hope you'll bring me some to hang on my walls. that's my personal request!!!
    bejbe, i do envy you!!!!!!!!!!

    buziaki!!!! from the cats, too :)