Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fieldwork- ctd.

So far, it is been goin relatively alright. Im trying to map the water distribution points in this resettlement colony. Im interviewing residents from different blocks (the settlement is divided into 13 of them, having in total approx. 9,000 people). It is striking to get to know about the difficulties and water, taken so much for granted by us- Europeans, is nothing certain over there. In some blocks, you never know when the water tanker is gonna arrive next time, so you live in uncertainty and keep on saving water everywhere... Or women fighting, getting injured and throwing stones at each other while collecting water...

Apart from tiring commuting (more than 2hrs and 4 times of changing vehicle), it is actually much nicer there- not so much noise, barely no traffic, smaller crowd people staring at you in a nicer curious way. In Delhi, the looks are much dirtier...

So yeah, it is an amazingly interesting experience, yet challenging and tiring. When Im in Delhi and on the way to this colony, im wearing earplugs constantly. This patent finally rescued me from constant migraine and headache at the end of each day. But yeah.. it is part of research charm in developing country :)

Hand pump- nice invention- you dont rely on electricity (which is quite treacherous in here, on and off all the time) as you do while having borewells. Yet, you need to have some power in your hands!

Water tanks and buckets all over, hoping to be filled up!

Water tanker with drinking water.

Local buses- amazing that they still run quite fast! Shall I get additional travel insurance? :)

Masterpiece in space efficiency... Part of research charm... Everyday im squeezed there :)

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