Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to Indira Gandhi International Airport...

So here I am, nothing particularly exciting has happened, apart from the fact that when we landed, we still had to wait for around 40 minutes to the ramp so we were stuck on the plane.. then, to my surprise, i walk to the airport and it is a total darkness! people are trying to find their way out... apparently, there was a power failure... I said to myself: "welcome to India and let the adventure begin!". I wont forget the moment when the customs guys were stamping my passport with the light of a candle.. If only I could take a picture of it!
Anyways, the adventure didnt finish by then. Obviously, since there was no power supply, the luggage couldnt be unloaded... So basically, loads of people were just squatting the floor waiting for the unknown. I was worried that landing at 3am would be bad since I will have to wait long until it gets light outside, but no... in the end, afer all the hassle and when the power was back, it was already 7am! So in the end, it all went good!

But Im still very sleepy, didnt manage to sleep anthing at the airport so i feel zombish now. Lets see what happens in the coming days! Within a few days, I want to get down to work and start visiting NGO offices!
See you!


  1. have a wonderful wonderful time margi :)
    glad to see the blogs up and running again :)

  2. Powodzenia Kochana! i czekam na dalsze relacje :) buziaki!

  3. Nice intro :D I see you are enjoying the trip already :)