Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kick off

Mon, 4 January 2010

And here i am in frankfurt. I have only 6 hours till the next flight. To make matters worse, there is no free wireless, they would only charge 8 euros for 60 minutes, really generous…. Well, I have two books, fortunately and probably around 20 minutes on the computer until the battery is dead (I couldn’t find any plugs in the vicinity of the seats). Yea, whatever. Life is hard and nobody said that it would be different. At least, I just have to control my addiction and this “just” is a little euphemism.

I gotta say that when I was leaving my parents before security check, I started to feel a little bit anxious. You know, this feeling that nobody will help you any more from this moment. Especially when the security guys stressed me out, when asking to unpack laptop, my belt etc and everyone behind me was waiting. And then, thinking that my stress would be over, the lady asked me to open the laptop itself, I didn’t understand her at the beginning, was stressed and busy with putting back my shoes on.

But after that, my stress was gone. What a relief.. now I’m sitting next to some children playground, oh yea… I still don’t wanna have children… this shitty noise and parents constantly observing them trying to predict and avoid any “unexpected” actions. No no, I’m not gonna elaborate on the entire debate about parents’ fate etc. just a small paragraph and that’s it.

I guess, I need to save my battery for later moments of “laptop hunger” so see you later, tot zo and I hereby announce wszem i wobec:



  1. wielu przygód, kochana!

  2. A lot of good food ! mniam mniam ...
    Darek , a któż by inny :)

  3. Oho ho! Kochana! To ja ustawiam tę stronkę w ulubionych i będę namierzać Ciebie i Twoje przygody;) Have a loooooooot of fun and take care! But remember: come back one day;);) Kisses;*