Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ufff.... nie spodziewalam sie ze bedzie trudno sie zabierac za pisanie nastepnych postow.. moze to wina jeszcze tzw. jet lag, ale normalnie chodze snieta i zmeczona, jest teraz 22 a ja juz marze tylko o spaniu i przysluchiwaniu sie jak wiatrak chlodzi me spocone singapurskim klimatem cialo.
wiec nie bede sie rozpisywac tutaj mega elaborate.
i kind of don't feel like writing daily reports what i am up to and what i have done given day. in brief, since i live on the campus, today i went to the city with my roommate (from usa) and american people. actually, it's a long way to get there: first, the bus to metro station, then by metro at least 20-25 mins and then we are in different districts. but whatever, you gotta know the basic connection and its good that im doing it firstly with the group so that later i will be able to explore alone or in pairs or whatever.
i still cannot believe that im gonna live here, short though but still live, not travel. i feel like im here temporarily and although im not hungry in this weather, i feel i need to eat everything, taste everything "exotic-looking" thingy etc. :)
i hope it will end cause i may come back twice bigger.

oo, and one thing that has come to my mind recently. please, don't have really high expectations about my language, content, writing skills or whatever skills. this blog is basically just my diary and to let others what i'm up to in the same time. this blog isn't meant to give any deeper feelings and impressions. so from now on, you have been warned and don't complain or simply don't keep reading. it's not a must. i'm not gonna verify whether you know what i've seen etc. so i hope you won't be afraid to meet me after i'm back ;)))

ok, whatever. the thought of falling asleep and welcoming a new day starts to be even more tempting. hopefully, i will have some inspiration tomorrow so i can write more valuable stuff :)

ooo and last thing. the fact that you are being informed about what i'm up to and stuff like that doesn't mean that you cannot write to me and tell me how YOU have been doing, i doesn't work one way, so please reply to my message and questions in the future whenever i'm asking about you, people. i hope i got that straight, right?:) ciaao, x

ps. and some interesting link, about cambodia, but sorry only for polish or german, since its from spiegel;),1292,1,kioskart.html

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