Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday, another hot lovely day
Hello my dear readers!
I guess there are not many of you that are following my blog, but for those who are my “fans” I’m saying big thank you!!  otherwise, I wouldn’t feel motivated at all to put anything but I guess it’s a mutual benefit.
Anyways, I’ve just come back from first classes and from the city. This class is called “Rise of the West”- all about how Europeans conquered and colonialised “the rest” and I was sitting there and I was so moved by the fact that finally I am interested in literally almost everything what the lecturer was talking about. Of course, the things are not that much relevant in terms of future monetary benefits (meaning that I won’t be a great money-maker thanks to the knowledge of colonialism, I should be delving into stock exchange issues instead I guess) but it didn’t matter at all. I’m not saying that it never happened like that in the economics bachelor but now my impressions and feelings (& doznania ) are completely in a different dimension. Maybe it also can be due to the environment and the situation I am in. But it doesn’t matter. I just love the idea that I am really focused on the lecture. I hope it won’t change in other courses.
The other course I am hoping to be really informative and fascinating is “Exploring South East Asia through films”. It might sound lame and really bullshit but I am expecting it to be really interesting. Like movies show a lot of the cultures and the people lead their lives. So starting from Red Khmers and Cambodian people, going to Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and of course Singapore, Malaysia and stuff. It should be such a beneficial course for me, especially that I do intend to come back to this region not once in the future….
Sorry I just lost any inspiration to write more…
Cause I just think of eating. There is so much food to choose from in here and everything is like 1 euro… so I cannot resist !! (although I’m not hungry in this weather, but it is a small detail )

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